What You Study & Assessment

It is a Government requirement that you undertake at least 60 days training activity per year, separate from your teaching commitment.
Our accredited training provider The University of Sussex will provide approximately 17 training days (more if you are doing the PGCE M level modules) to cover areas including:
  • Subject knowledge development and enhancement
  • Child Protection & Safeguarding
  • Theories of Learning
  • Behaviour for Learning
  • Effective Planning
  • Working with children with special needs
  • Working with children with English as an additional language
The remaining training days are provided by us as a programme of professional development and will focus on the practical development of your subject knowledge and the craft of teaching. This includes observing other teachers, team-teaching, joint planning, meetings with mentors and subsequent discussion and analysis, subject based tasks and training in venues other than schools.


You will be able to study for your PGCE programme if you wish. The advantages of doing the PGCE are that as an academic qualification it demonstrates that you have critically engaged with the research and knowledge base which underpins professional practice. Some schools in the UK and many overseas insist that teachers from the UK have the PGCE rather than just QTS.


A link tutor will visit you at our school to observe your teaching. You will also be assigned a school-based mentor who will monitor and review your progress. This includes a commitment to a weekly mentor meeting including a review of your progress and setting future targets and regular observation of your teaching. You will receive regular feedback that will help you to build on your strengths and develop your skills in those areas in which you are less confident. 
All trainee teachers must demonstrate that they have met the Teachers’ Standards in order to gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). You will keep a portfolio of evidence to show that you have done so. 
If you would like further information, please see our Entry Profile on UCAS or visit the  University of Sussex website http://www.sussex.ac.uk/education/ite/schooldirect