Structure of the Programme

School DirePoets and Scissorsct trainees will undertake an immersion-based training programme that will place you in a primary or secondary school from the start of the academic year.  You will become a member of the teaching staff where you will start off undertaking 4 hours of directed teaching per week starting from September.  As your confidence and abilities grow, your teaching hours will then increase from the autumn term.
Each trainee will also be required to undertake a second placement, usually at a partner school within the consortium, which will last 6 weeks.  The aim of the second placement is to further enhance your understanding and to develop your teaching within a different teaching environment.
Participants will be released from teaching one day per week to attend their theory/classroom-based learning at the University of Sussex campus at Falmer near Brighton.
Part-time participants will undertake the programme over a 2 year training programme with hours increasing year-on-year.